Welcome to the last blog of my campaign! It has been a journey, but I have a lot in store for it this summer! The adventure is not quite over yet. 

This week, I interviewed Obada Alammouri. As a soccer player, he understands the importance of durability and comfort in workout gear. With a keen eye for fashion, he highlights the best-dressed players in the game, top-performing athletic wear brands, and the most overrated ones. So, whether you are an athleticwear enthusiast or interested in seeing what the world has to offer, keep reading to see what Obada thinks about the latest trends in the industry. 

1. Favorite athletic wear brand? Most overrated brand?

Nike is my favorite athletic wear brand. It is a timeless brand that will always be my go-to. I really like how many shoe options Nike has. My favorite items to get from there are the club fleece sweatshirts, fleece sweatpants, and hoodies.

Lululemon is the most overrated athletic brand. It is way too overhyped and overpriced for what you are getting. The quality is not as good and doesn’t hold up over time. Other brands have the same or better quality shorts and items for better prices.

2. What qualities do you look for in your athletic wear?

I always try to get staple items that are good quality and can go well with different pieces in my closet. Comfort, how the products fit, material, and colors are important to me when picking out my athletic wear. I look for clothing that can be versatile and pair well with casual outfits, as well. This multi-functionalism is what makes my workout clothes worth investing in.

3. Nike or Adidas?

Nike is definitely better than Adidas. Nike is better at keeping up with the latest styles and trends. Adidas has not really changed its products much over time, so I feel like Adidas can be boring in this way. While with Nike, you can always anticipate new releases. Their shoe drops are a prime example of this; They always have everyone anticipating their drops.

4. Best Nike lifestyle shoe?

Air Force 1’s are the best Nike shoes. I feel like they are shoes that are great for daily wear and can go with any outfit. White shoes have always been something I associate with lifestyle, everyday shoes. I also like Nike Blazers because they are classic and simple. I think they are staple shoes that everyone needs in their collection.

5. Which soccer team has the best jersey?

Brazil has the best jersey. The color of the blue jersey is really nice and iconic. The print on the sleeves of the jersey is also a fun addition. Richarlison and Neymar are also on the team and wear the jersey, which is a plus.

6. Which celebrity/athlete do you associate with Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour?

I associate Drake with Nike because he has his own shoe and clothing collaboration with them. Messi is a widely-recognized Adidas athlete because he is signed by them and largely wears their cleats. It’s hard not to think of Steph Curry without Under Armour coming to mind. He has his own collection with them, and this collection includes shoes, shorts, shirts, and jackets. 

7. Most nostalgic athletic-wear brand?

I would say Nike is very nostalgic because I’ve worn their stuff ever since I was a kid. I see Nike’s vintage pieces making a comeback. The brand has evolved over the years and always kept up with trends. I often see people wearing their older siblings’ or parents’ Nike pieces from back in the day. 

8. Which soccer player has the best style?

Heung-min Son has the best style off the soccer field. The South Korean player can pull off multiple looks and can always make a statement with his outfits. His style gives off model vibes with a classic approach. He’s also been the face of several Calvin Klein and Burberry campaigns.


As I wrapped up this interview, I realized how diverse people’s tastes can be. Adidas is highly-preferred all over the Middle East and Europe, and in America, we breathe Nike. Nothing else can compare to it. At the end of the day, the one underlying theme is comfort. Everyone wants to wear something comfortable and something that makes them feel confident, and this is crucial for athletes. Putting on a workout outfit is what fuels their motivation and sets the tone for a good workout. Any athlete can attest to this-what you wear can truly affect your mindset and performance.

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