The third blog in the fashion series has dropped, and it features none other than Sara Ali. She is one of the biggest fashionistas I know and loves a good thrift. Sara’s style gives off a vintage and vibrant vibe, and she loves playing with colors and statement accessories to elevate her outfits. I’d say the color that defines Sara’s style the most would be green. From her glasses to her sweaters, it seems to be a recurring color throughout her wardrobe and rightfully so! It’s such a staple, yet fun color that can bring a vibrant energy to any outfit. So, join us as we chat about all things fashion inspirations, accessories, and favorite thrift spots in Nashville!

1. What’s your favorite item you’ve thrifted and why?

My Giorgio Armani sunglasses! This thrift find was so fated. I was visiting my sister in DC, and before going out to explore, I was trying to choose a pair of sunglasses to match my outfit and nothing looked right. Sunglasses are a crucial accessory for me, so this was kind of annoying. We went to my sister’s favorite consignment store near Eastern Market in Washington, and I stumbled upon these insane glasses. They were even on sale for $20. I have never been more in love. Besides them being super cool looking, they are also very good quality and fit my face well.  

2. What type of things do you look for when thrifting?

I usually like to look for things that will hold up well like sturdy jackets, denim, sweaters, and accessories. These things have the least wear and tear and are usually in the best condition! I will occasionally buy t-shirt,  especially if they have funny things written on them. I have thrifted one or two pieces of athletic wear. Be careful with that stuff though— you want to make sure you clean it thoroughly!

3. Fav thrifting spot?

Consignment stores (like Buffalo Exchange or UAL) are great, but I think a good old-fashioned trip to my local Goodwill is better. Consignment stores upcharge items so much. While they do curate some cool things and save you the time of sifting through clothes, something about the journey of hopping between thrift stores is unmatched. Consignment stores are for shopping and thrift stores like Goodwill are for thrifting. To have a truly good thrifting experience, you should go in with no expectations and just try to have fun. When you put expectations on your trip, you take the fun out of it all together!

4. Explain the details of your outfit and how you pair things together
    • My sweater is from Brandy Melville
    • My denim is thrifted Shepley’s from Sage Refill Market (right next to Belmont on Wedgewood!)
    • My shoes are New Balance 540s 
    • My hijab is Vela Scarves 
    • My chains are Guess & Brandy Melville 
    • My vest is thrifted from Goodwill
      • This outfit is a more dressed up school look for me. Usually, I look more sporty/casual at school, but sometimes I like to treat my friends and step out a little. This outfit is still comfortable, and encapsulates many aspects of my personal style. I like adding an edge to classic “smart casual” looks. For example, instead of pairing the preppy sweater with slacks or light denim, I chose distressed and dark jeans. I also added silver chains and accents instead of gold jewelry. I have been really into silver chains lately and prefer silver or mixed metals rather than just gold. Many of my friends know I love adding pops of color, and my green glasses add a pop of color and personality to the outfit! I kept the hijab neutral and added the puffer vest to create a more baggy/slouchy silhouette. 
    5. Who is your biggest fashion inspo?

    I really love Tyler, the Creator’s style (@feliciathegoat on IG). He experiments a lot with bold colors and different cuts. I don’t think I have ever seen him wear anything boring or subpar. 

    6. Pick a song that matches your style

    Moment 4 Life By Nicki Minaj because every time I listen to it, it gives me a confidence boost and reminds me that I am the moment! It’s also just such a classic and so timeless (just like my styleeee)

    As sustainable fashion has been trending lately, thrifting has been gaining more and more attention. Not only is it good for the environment, but it ensures that you get a one-of-a-kind piece. There is no better feeling than finding a cool vintage jacket or a t-shirt that you have never seen before! As Sara mentioned above, it’s more about the experience of going rather than what you are trying to buy. So, stop by some of local thrift shops of the ville, and you might be surprised at what you find. Your next golden piece might be waiting for you!

    As always, thank you so much for reading my blog, and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter! Lots of blogs are dropping next week, so stay tuned and happy hunting!

    stay wavy,