Summer is creeping around the corner, and new fashion trends have been spotted in the ville. There are many fashion trends that have been taking the world by storm, and I will give you guys a list of my predictions for summer fashion. This is probably one of my favorite blogs because it was interesting to see what types of styles are emerging and how people have been styling them. One thing for certain is that bright, neon colors will be all the rage. So, if you are going to remember one thing from this blog, let it be that!

My first trend prediction would be vintage jackets. We have been seeing them in brighter colors and more oversized than in the past. They sport a more minimal aesthetic, which is nice because it allows the jacket to be the center of the outfit. These pieces are timeless and their practicality will allow them to enjoy several more years in the fashion scene. Their vintage aesthetics have been catching people’s eyes for years.

The biggest trend that we will see emerge this summer would have to be adidas Sambas. They are actually popular indoor soccer shoes, but many people have begun styling them as lifestyle shoes. Ever since Bella Hadid was seen wearing them and the Gucci collab came out, they have been in the scene. I think that these are great staple shoes that can go with any outfit. You can buy them in a variety of colors like blue, white, black, and green. The shoe itself will elevate your outfit in any color you buy.

Next, I’m predicting small little bags, most notably the mini Rimowa and Jacquemus bags, will be the bags of the summer. The Jacquemus bags were popular last summer, but they keep coming out with smaller and smaller versions of their bags. People don’t like to carry big bulky bags, so these bags are perfect for a summer on the go. They are also stylish, and their name carries weight. 

Headbands have already been gaining traction, and I am predicting that it will be an even bigger thing this summer. It gives an elegant look to any outfit, and I think it’s the Blair Waldorf core that people love. Since 90s nostalgia is coming back, headbands are a great addition to any outfit to make it effortless and chic. They are also easy and don’t require a lot of work when you don’t feel like doing anything with your hair.

The last trend to keep an eye out for is Retro-Galactica. More and more designers are incorporating metallics and neon colors in their collections, namely Bottega Veneta, Paco Rabanne, and Valentino. Silver and Gold metallic pants have been super trendy in the fashion scene lately. Most people have been pairing metallic pants with simpler tops, and it balances out the loudness of the pants nicely. You can easily elevate your outfit with smaller metallic accents. The metallic accent alone will speak for itself. 

The list of upcoming trends was endless. More and more trends keep popping up on the daily, so this list is definitely not exhaustive. Check out these fashion trends and let me know what you think! As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog and make sure to subscribe!

stay wavy,