This week, I tracked down our own basketball star, Ben Sheppard. I asked him some questions about his style, opinions on brands, and biggest fashion icons in the league. I wanted to get him out of his element and find out more about his fashion sense and who inspires it. It was interesting to see his perspective on what is considered trendy and what isn’t. The best part about his outfit was that he was wearing adidas Sambas. I mentioned them in my last blog, so it seems like my trend predictions are on par so far! Sheppard’s style gives off an effortless and retro vibe, and he loves playing with vintage pieces. Check out our interview below to find out how Ben rocks his look off the court!

1. What is your favorite pair of shoes and why?

 My Kith Sambas because Kith is one of my favorite brands. It’s a classic shoe, and the colorway goes with every outfit. It’s a staple in my closet for sure.

2. Pick a song to describe your style.

No Pole by Don Toliver because it sounds so wavy and effortless. I like to have this same type of energy when I curate my outfits; I try not to put much thought into my outfits and let them speak for themselves.

3. Favorite color combo?

Navy and Grey because neutral colors are my favorite colors to wear (grey being my favorite). I very rarely wear bright colors, and navy happens to pair well with all of my grey pieces. There are so many colors that you could also match with both blue and grey, making it the most versatile combo (besides black and white) in my opinion.

4. Top 2 favorite places to shop?

Kith Miami and Round Two Miami are my top 2 stores to go to when I go back home. My family recently moved to South Florida, so I’ve been able to explore some cool stores down there. Kith is known for its high-quality materials and unique designs that combine classic streetwear elements with modern fashion trends. In addition to clothing, Kith also sells footwear, accessories, and lifestyle products. Round Two is a vintage shop owned by Sean Weatherspoon, someone I have admired for quite some time now, and it has a large selection of second hand clothing and accessories. If you are ever in the Miami area, I think both of these stores are worth trying out.

5. Which Basketball player has the best style?

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander or Frank Jackson because they have so many unique pieces and aren’t afraid to wear anything. They would definitely win most stylish in the league for sure.

6. If you could have a clothing brand, what types of things would you sell?

If I had a clothing brand, I would want to sell sweatshirts, jackets, and trucker hats. I have been getting into hats lately, both vintage and modern hats. They complement outfits very well! I never wore them in the past because I had super long hair, but ever since I got a haircut I figured out why people love them so much. There is a huge market for hats, and there are so many different styles that you can be unique in your own way. As far as jackets and sweatshirts, I love the winter because you can layer clothes, making this an easy choice.

7. Most overrated streetstyle brand?

I’d say Supreme. It used to be cool back in the day when it was rare, but now it’s just overhyped, overpriced, and overworked. They don’t seem to be pushing out any new collections that are catching people’s eyes anymore, and there a lot of newer streetwear brands in the scene that have been taking over.

8. Which basketball player (dead or alive) would you want to have dinner with?

Probably LeBron. Seems like a pretty cool guy. During my upbringing I have been given the privilege to watch Lebron and his greatness for many years. He isn’t just a basketball player either; There is a lot that one could learn from him. He is a great family man, he isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in, and he is very well recognized throughout the business world. Being a basketball player myself I am always looking for ways to get better, and I think he embodies most aspects of being a successful man at a very high level. A close second to Lebron is Michael Jackson. He is my favorite artist and I grew up listening to him. I think he is wildly misunderstood; seems like a great person to sit down and chat with over a meal.

As the clock winded down on this interview, we got a good glimpse of how the fashion scene fits in to the world of Basketball. I particularly found Sheppard’s opinions on which basketball players had the best style insightful. I looked at some of their outfits online, and the variation in styles was interesting to see. Many of the players, especially Jackson and Alexander, are known for their fashion choices. I love how Basketball players use the tunnel as their runway, and they never fail to impress the public with their new fashion picks. Many of the players, namely Chris Paul, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Kelly Oubre Jr., have won Best-dressed NBA players. Whether players are flexing their game on the gram or in the tunnel, they bring their all. You can really tell a lot about a person’s personality through their style. It is the best form of self-expression for sure. As a person evolves, so does their fashion sense. It is always fascinating to see how styles change over years; it is the best indicator of progression. It is signal that a person is exploring new possibilities and growing creatively.

Thank you so much for ballin’ with us in our first interview in the fashion series! There are only three more weeks of my campaign, so make sure to stay tuned and to subscribe! I have more interviews in the works to share with you all!

stay wavy,