Have you ever tasted food that transported you so far back in time? Some foods and snacks from our childhoods have the power to take us back to simpler times and indulge in that nostalgia. From Dunkaroos to Cosmic Brownies, the snacks of our childhoods allow us to take a trip down memory lane. I vividly remember eating cosmic brownies and those fluorescent, yellow Spongebob popsicles, and whenever I see them in the grocery store, I just smile to myself and the old memories come flooding back. I asked all of you to tell me your most nostalgic eats, and I got a variety of answers like Bugles, Scooby Snacks, Kinder Eggs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Push Pops. I compiled my own list of the top 5 nostalgic eats of the ville! Join me as we take a trip through the nostalgic world of childhood snacks!

5. Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal 

I used to eat this oatmeal almost everyday in Elementary School, and they still sell it in stores. There was just something about it, and it wasn’t too sweet. A lot of prepackaged oatmeal comes with way too much brown sugar, but this one was just right. The best part about it was that the candied eggs that came in the package would melt and turn into little dinosaur figures. I used to microwave my bowl of oatmeal until every egg had melted into a dinosaur. I wouldn’t be satisfied if some of the eggs hadn’t melted because eating the dinosaurs was the best part. The dinosaur candies complemented the blandness of the oatmeal nicely; it never felt too sweet. 

4. Chips Deluxe Gripz

Gripz were always my snack of choice during Elementary and Middle School. The cheese Gripz came out first, but when they dropped the cookie ones, it was a game changer. You can’ just simply eat one, you will undoubtedly finish the whole bag. The best part is you can eat them in handfuls because they are so small and they fill the bag to the brim. They have such a good balance of sweetness and crunchiness than any kid would enjoy. 

3. Trix Yogurt

One of my favorite things from my childhood were the Trix Yogurts. They had so many flavors like strawberry, cotton candy, mixed berry, and rainbow punch, and they were all good. In early elementary school, I vividly remember people freezing Trix yogurts and eating them as popsicles, and this was a legendary discovery. They tasted ten times better as popsicles, especially on a hot summer day. Sadly, they have been discontinued, but the memories persist.

2. McDonald’s Cinnamon melts

One of the best things on this earth and of my childhood would be the McDonald’s Cinnamon melts. It consists of soft, fluffy dough with cinnamon filling, and it’s drenched with cream cheese frosting. It’s actually so insanely good,but it has also sadly been discontinued. I went to McDonalds last year craving the cinnamon melt to find out it had been discontinued for years. The cinnamon roll they replaced it with does not compare in the slightest; they aren’t even in the same ballpark. The comforting taste and texture of the cinnamon melt evokes nostalgic feelings of my childhood, as I used to eat them every Saturday after my soccer games. 

1. Cosmic Brownies & Fruit Loop Straws

I could not pick just one snack that deserved the top spot; there were too many good options. I think cosmic brownies are a given; they have been a beloved snack for decades. The fudgy texture mixed with the bright, colorful candies truly made them.They remind me of the fond memories of Elementary school when we used to all share snacks. Along with cosmic brownies, I chose Fruit Loop Straws. The concept of a straw made of cereal, and let alone one of the best cereals to exist, is what put them on the map. There is just something about absurdly colorful snacks full of artificial flavoring that is bound to make them nostalgic. 

By the end of this blog, I got really hungry and unlocked some core memories of my childhood. It made me truly appreciate how simple times were when you would just come back from school, sit on the couch, eat some SpongeBob mac and cheese, and sip on a Capri sun. There was nothing like that feeling, no responsibilities, no nothing. Eating these nostalgic snacks now is a unique experience. It can provide us with a sense of comfort and allow us to bond over shared memories. 

That’s all I have for now! Thanks for taking time to read my blog and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter. I have a lot in store for you all this week, so stay tuned and happy snacking!

stay wavy,