Every week, it seems as if Nashville is opening a new coffee shop. There are so many options out there at this point that it’s hard to decipher what is good and what isn’t without spending too much money. I reached out to Bushra Alammouri, one of the biggest coffee connoisseurs I know, and she put together a list of her top five favorite coffee shops in Nashville and the drink to order from there. So, join the biggest coffee aficionado as she finds you all the best cup of joes the ville as to offer.  

5. Moonshot Coffee Bar

Moonshot Coffee Bar is located in the bustling heart of downtown Nashville. Their Iced Hazelnut latte with vanilla cold foam is heavenly and feels like a hug. It pairs very well with their almond croissant that is fluffy buttery goodness. They have new drinks circulating regularly, so there’s always something new you could try. Moonshot is more of a social vibe for seeing a friend or even taking pictures. If you find yourself in downtown, give this place a try! 

4. Humphreys Street Coffee

Humphreys Street is a coffee shop whose motto is drink good coffee for a change. They are heavily involved in making the Nashville community better and stronger. It’s more of a quiet spot which makes it great for getting work done. I personally love sitting on the comfy couch. There are plants everywhere, which create a welcoming and calm ambiance. The best coffee on their menu is the iced French Toast latte, and the best complement to this cup of coffee is a banana oat chocolate chip muffin. Humphreys street is great if you want to catch up with a friend or study. 

3. The Loading Dock

The Loading Dock is a hidden gem of a coffee spot. Located about ten minutes from Belmont, this is a spot you don’t want to miss. When the weather is nice, the patio area is my favorite place to sit. There is also plenty of indoor seating available. What makes this coffee shop so special is that they make their syrups in house and from scratch. My go-to order is an iced almond milk latte with a pump of their signature brown sugar syrup and cold foam. It is the ideal balance of excellent coffee that isn’t overly sweet. 

2. Matryoshka

Matryoshka is the spot for you if you are searching for a fun coffee experience. The decor inside is very bright, colorful, and modern. This coffee shop is perfect to take pictures for your Instagram or even film Tiktoks. I recommend the Confetti Cuban, which comes with a leaf design, topped with sprinkles, and edible glitter. Another fun menu item is the cereal that’s served on a bright pink glitter tray. The only downside is they are often busy with very little seating inside. There is a grassy area outside and blankets available when the weather is nice. Everything about this place is aesthetically pleasing, so if that’s what you are searching for, this is the place for you.  

1. Land of a Thousand Hills

Land of a Thousand Hills ranks at the top of my list. I always find myself there when I am searching for a study spot. Their coffee shop not only serves amazing coffee but also does incredible things around the world. It is quite spacious with ample comfortable seating areas for everyone. You can expect that you’ll be surrounded by other productive people. Being there motivates me to check things off my to-do list. They also offer fun games to play with friends  and even have a volleyball court outside. Their iced Caramanilla Latte is absolutely delightful. If you are in the mood for a sweet treat you can’t go wrong with their blueberry muffin, chocolate croissant, or cookies. I highly recommend giving Land of a Thousand Hills a try if you are looking for a new study spot.

By the end of this interview, I started craving coffee myself and have been inspired to go try out some of these spots! As you can all see, each coffee shop as a unique charm to it and brings something different to the table. If you’re looking for a quiet study spot, Land of a Thousand Hills’s got you, and if you’re looking for a cup of coffee with a twist, then Matroyska is the place to be. I hope this blog gave you a little insight on what Nashville’s coffee scene has been brewing up. Try out some of these places and let me know what you think!

And, that’s a wrap on this week’s brew. As always, thank you for tuning into my blog and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter! Have a great weekend and happy sipping!

stay wavy,