There are a lot of new movies on deck for the summer of 2023. It’s looking like it will be one of the busiest schedules yet, with July gearing up to be the biggest box-office battleground since the pandemic. This summer’s lineup includes superhero movies, time-period dramas, sequels, and even threequels. I compiled a list of the top most anticipated movies this summer. So, grab some popcorn, and let’s explore the vast lineup of movies hitting the cinemas!

1. Fast X (May 19)

As the 10th movie in the Fast & Furious franchise, this movie is generating a lot of buzz and excitement. It’s crazy to think that this saga has been going strong for almost three decades, and people have not been getting sick of it one bit. They are always bringing a fresh plot line to every movie, which makes it that much more enticing to watch. While most of the same core cast remains, there will be some newcomers like Jason Momoa, Brie Larson, and Rita Moreno. Fast X will be a two-part movie, and the first part is set to drop on May 19th. Fast X part 2 is rumored to be the last and final movie in the whole Fast and Furious series; it will be indeed an end of an era once the final one hits theaters. 

2. Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse (June 2)

After many delays, the animated sequel to Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse is set to drop this June. The cast will include big names like Jake Johnson, Daniel Kaluuya, Hailee Steinfeld, and Issa Rae. Compared to the preceding movie, this one is set to have groundbreaking art techniques that will make the first movie seem minuscule. The sequel will feature five different universes, so the creative direction this movie is taking will be something impressive. Tom Holland is even rumored to make a cameo in the movie, but we shall wait and see. 

3. Mission Impossible: The Dead Reckoning Part One (July 14)

The seventh installment of the Mission Impossible franchise series will have the most dangerous stunt in cinema history. Tom Cruise himself will ride a motorcycle off of a cliff. One strong gust of wind or one wrong move would blow him off the ramp, so it was a risky stunt to pull. The Mission Impossible crew posted a bunch of short clips of Tom’s stunts as teasers, and they quickly caught the world’s attention. In this movie, you can expect another worldwide escapade, with even some scenes in Venice, Italy and South Africa. At this point, we don’t really know much about the plot other than it will be ominous, feature some of Tom Cruise’s demons from the past, and include some severe submarine damage. 

4. Barbie (July 21)

The Barbie movie has been getting a lot of buzz since last summer! With movie stars like Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, it was destined to get the world’s attention. The cool thing about this movie is that it will feature different versions of Barbies and Kens. Dua Lips will play mermaid Barbie, Ana Cruz Kayne as the Supreme Court Justice Barbie, and Issa Rae as President Barbie, and these are just half the professions in the movie. You will also see lawyer Barbies and Barbies with Nobel Peace and Pulitzer Prizes! They even casted Will Ferrell as the CEO of the company, so you know this movie will be good. 

5. Oppenheimer (July 21) 

The last movie to keep your eye out for is Oppenheimer. It is a drama, time-period piece that tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, AKA the father of the atomic bomb. He was enlisted by the American government to work on the top-secret mission known as “The Manhattan Project.” This film boasts an impressive cast packed with movie legends such as Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, and Emily Blunt. This movie will not be just another bland, historical narrative. With a running time of almost 3 hours, Christopher Nolan’s explorations of the perceptions of reality and the inner psyche will keep you captivated throughout.


These five movies are just part of an exhaustive list. With so many movies hitting theaters this summer, it will be an exciting time. The rest of 2023 will bring some hot movies as well. Dune part. 2, Wonka, and The Hunger Games will be joining the extensive movie lineup for 2023, as well. It’s undoubtedly going to be a profitable year for these major blockbusters.

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