The award for the most defining rapper of our generation would undoubtedly go to Drake. He has been on the music scene for over fifteen years. From groundbreaking singles to revolutionary albums, he has always managed to stay on top. For whatever mood you are in, you will 100% find a song to listen to. His discography is so varied and vast, and he’s always exploring new styles and genres. He’s been enjoying a “decade of dominance”, and there is no end in sight. Even in his early years, he always caught people’s attention with his lyrics and flow.

I asked you all to tell me your favorite songs; I wanted to see what Drake era resonated with you the most. The results are in, and they were interesting. I was expecting far more answers to feature songs from Take Care and Nothing Was the Same, but most songs were from more recent albums. Among the responses, Hotline Bling ranked high among the favorites; honestly, I was not expecting that in the slightest. I mean it is a good song, but I have never considered it one of the greats. The top ten responses people submitted included: Redemption, Wants and Needs, Hype, Star67, Headlines, Do Not Disturb, One Dance, Best I Ever I Had, Child’s Play, and The Motto

For me, my favorite Drake songs would rank as follows:

    1. Come Thru– This is one of the best songs to exist because it is nostalgic for me, and this nostalgia transports me back to high school. The lyrics are also really catchy, and the outro of the song really pulls you in. It gives you 2 different vibes in one song.
    2. From Time– I think Jhené Aiko and Drake make such a good duo, and this song is proof of just that. This is one of those songs that you listen to on a summer night, and it has a chill vibe to it that anyone can appreciate. The lyrics themselves earn a spot as one of Drake’s greatest masterpieces.
    3. Madiba Riddim– This song is so underrated and is sunshine in a song. It reminds me of summer; this whole album is full of energy and makes you feel like you’re in a bubble losing all sense of time. 
    4. Jungle- From the lyrics to the beat, this song is phenomenal. I personally love Drake when he is singing, and this song offers a different side of Drake that you don’t see often. It is one of his saddest songs, but arguably, one of his best vocal performances.
    5. Too Good- This song is a classic. Even though it is a mainstream song, it is popular for a reason. I would consider this piece to be summer in a song as well. Whenever you listen to it, it makes you feel lighthearted and happy. It’s 4 minutes of pure goodness. 

      Go check out these songs if you haven’t listened to them before, and let me know what you think. I promise you won’t regret it. As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog; I sincerely appreciate it. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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